Ahti Meditation

Posted On April 7, 2010

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I have developed a newfound appreciation in these past few months for the forces of nature, mainly due to living in a climate where half of the year is cold and dark. Much of the land which I was used to seeing throughout the year was now gone for months. The sun was barely out, I could not see the ground since it was covered in snow, and water was frozen. Granted the area where I lived in the United States was rather similar to what it is like here, but it was not as extreme. Generally the snow melted after two weeks, only to pile up once more two weeks after that, but still, I was able to glimpse the grass and fields occasionally. Now I was told that Western and Southern Finland normally does not get the kind of winter that we have had this year anymore, so I suppose I got lucky by coming this year. I really enjoyed experiencing the long, dark winter here. When it was over, it almost felt like a great accomplishment that I got through it.

I’ve been honoring a few of the deities lately that I did not see much in the past three or four months, so I created a prayer to them that I thought I might share on here. I haven’t talked about the gods much on the blog, simply because it’s difficult to find information on them, and they’re not as easy to connect with as ancestors and spirits of the land. Still, I managed to find a lot of inspiration from them recently. As I have mentioned before, saying what you feel from the bottom of your heart I think is more important than getting poetic meter and such in the correct possible manner.

Hail Päivätär!
May your beautiful rays shine upon us
Giving us hope and light to come
Melt away the snow
To reveal Pellonpekko’s vast fields
Hail Pellonpekko!
God of barley, fields, and grain
We wait once more for crops to grow
Nourishing us to the end of the year
Hail Ahti!
Let us see your waters flow
Frozen they were for months on end
Enjoying its feel on summer days
Päivätär, Pellonpekko, and Ahti:
I give you greatest honor today!

I used to be very close with Ahti actually; probably the most out of any god besides Tellervo. I thought I would share a little meditation that I did a couple summers back. I was sitting with a friend on a large rock beside a lake. My friend played a song for a water god that she felt close to, while I went into a meditative state. In that state, I imagined diving from that rock into the waters. Down I swam until I saw a being whom I knew to be Ahti. His form was tall and not very human-like, and his skin matched the greenish color of the water. He swam around me while I took in his essence, while telling me what he thought of the lake he had appeared in. Okay so it was Lake Erie, which I assume most people know how polluted it used to be(and some would argue that it still is gross), so he had some amusing things to say about it. In general, I got a surprised feeling from him that someone from the area was actually honoring him. After a short while, up I went back to the surface and there I was back on the rock. I looked out to see him in the water, looking back at me. As I came out of the meditation, I felt a great sense of peace, sitting there listening to the lapping water with my friend.


2 Responses to “Ahti Meditation”

  1. Nik

    I remember walking to school in blizzards near Lake Superior. Congratulations on surviving winter in Finland!

    I’ve been feeling completely disconnected, reading more neurology books (admittedly still fascinating and inspirational in their own ways) than spiritual ones. It’s hard to integrate the two viewpoints sometimes, especially when allergies are robbing me of sleep!

    • Christine

      Ahh so you’re from way up there.

      I felt disconnected for awhile, but that changed just a couple days ago. I made a really conscious effort to do things like drawing or writing for the gods to get their attention, so it all came back once again. Have you tried that? Now the question is if it will stay like that.

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