Posted On May 8, 2010

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The lack of updates has simply meant that I’m way too busy with school and am not able to think about spirituality too much. That will die down in the next week or so though. Next weekend I will being going to Taivaannaula’s Helajuhla celebration, so I will have many stories to write after that. Helajuhla is the spring festival in Finland and has a spirit of renewal; the opposite of Kekri in the calendar year. That’s pretty much all I know about it so far. I have heard a lot of comparisons of Helajuhla to Beltaine, but I honestly don’t know a whole lot about that holiday either because I’ve never celebrated it. It’s not just a pagan thing though, the whole of Finland celebrates it. As Christianity likes to do with old holidays, it was replaced with a meaning of the ascension after the forty days of Easter.

Just two days after the weekend with Taivaannaula, I will be heading back to America for the summer, and from there I will be in Japan for three months. So it will be a little while before I’m back in Finland. This doesn’t mean that there will be no updates in that time period though. If anything, I will be able to connect with my ancestors that died in America, which I have not been able to do here. Ahti is in general quite present near the area where my parents live with all of the lakes and rivers, so not all hope is lost.


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