Back to Finland

Posted On July 6, 2010

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It appears that I will be going back to Finland a lot sooner than I thought; in a little under two months. I decided to not go to Japan, because of the expense, and moving around between three different countries is starting to take a serious toll on me. So I’ll stay put in Finland all year. One of the things that I’m most excited about is being in the forests there once again. They speak to me much more than forests in America; I don’t feel much of a tie to the land here. Then again, what can I expect when my family has not even been here for a century. I love the feel of the soft, mossy ground, and the conifers that keep green all year. Perhaps what I love most of all is the silence. One of the things that I have noticed about America(at least where I am) is that it’s impossible to get away from noise if you live anywhere near a city. Even though I lived in the city in Finland, the forests in the area remained silent and were easily accessible. Here I have to travel far away from the urban sprawl, as the parks in the area are quite small and often have a road cutting through the middle of it. I predict that I will feel that sense of place once more when I return. Not to mention, there’s still much more to research and learn about Finnish pagan traditions!

Unless I have some sort of revelation while here, I will return to this blog once I get back to Finland!


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