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Posted On April 3, 2012

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And another update, because I just noticed that the online magazine Odroerir has a new issue up, which contains an article on Finnish paganism that one of my friends wrote. It’s going to be a two-part article. I read it just now, and it’s quite good. It goes over all of the basics of the gods, spirits, and cosmology of old Finnish folk tradition. I got a bit nostalgic, because there’s two pictures up there which have friends of mine (and me) and one of a place where we did our Helajuhla ritual. Really wonderful places and energy.


5 Responses to “Good Article”

  1. Kauko

    Oh wow, that’s so awesome! I kind of feel bad now, because when the first issue of Odroerir came out I criticized them for seeming to use the whole ‘Northern European’ = Germanic thing. It’s nice to see that the second issue has expanded the number of traditions they cover.

    • Christine

      They actually first contacted me after seeing my blog and asked if I wanted to write the article. I said that I didn’t think I was a good enough authority to write a long article about it, so I forwarded the message to the Taivaannaula mailing list.

      • Kauko

        It’s a really well written summary of suomenusko, probably the best one I’ve seen in English. I can’t wait for the 2nd part.

  2. Christine

    Yeah Anssi’s a knowledgeable guy. He always led the rituals at events too.

  3. SLK

    That was a very good article (had good beer making tips too) and the pictures make me want to go to Finland more than ever (it’s so green!), thanks for telling us about it.

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