Ukon juhla

Posted On June 8, 2012

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I’m looking forward to the upcoming holiday, Ukon juhla, otherwise known as Juhannus since Christianity barged in, or Midsummer. It is the day when night is the shortest, and this year it falls on the 23rd of this month according to my calendar. It is important to give offerings to Ukko and Päivätär on this day, and light a sacred fire. I would also add Kuu into the mix, since we will be seeing more of her as the days go on. In Finland, there will be bonfires, normally by the lakes where people have their summer cottages. If you’re not in a place where a bonfire can be lit (such as living in the middle of a city), then you can symbolize that fire in your own home with a candle. Some suitable offerings to give to the gods are those found in nature. Some examples being flowers and small branches (such as from a juniper tree). I normally make a nice bouquet of flowers. There is an old ritual that many women still do (sorry guys), which is collecting 9 different types of flowers and putting them under your pillow while you sleep at night. It is said that in your dreams, you will see your future husband (or maybe wife?). I’ve never done this before, but I’m very curious about it, so I will do it. I will make an update if I see anything interesting! In general, Ukon juhla is seen as a good time to do rituals, because of the spiritual energy surrounding the day.


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  1. SLK

    A tip for city/suburb dwellers: If you have a large enough out door cooking grill you can take out the larger grate (where the food goes) and have a small bonfire there.

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