Tomorrow’s Holiday

Posted On July 12, 2012

Filed under holidays

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Tomorrow (July 13th) is one of the major holidays of the year: Karhunpäivä. It’s nice to be celebrating another holiday so soon. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to collect flowers due to work, so I may have to take the shameful route and buy flowers. Still, what can you do? It’s still taking an effort at least, by picking out the flowers and paying for them out of my own pocket. Last year didn’t really take on the patterns of nature that are supposed to happen. After Karhunpäivä, it is supposed to be the hottest point of the year, but last year definitely wasn’t. In Japan, however, summer has still not started yet; it is still the rainy season. Summer is supposed to start next week, so it will be timely this year.

Last year’s entry contains the song and ritual for the holiday, so check back at that entry if you want to celebrate it yourself.


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