Positive Endings

Posted On September 28, 2012

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In many religions, a lot of people become fixated on the so-called end of the world. In particular, people have been doing so this year with the 2012 prophecy. I’ve mentioned before on here that I enjoy how Finnish mythology does not have any place of torture where bad people go after death. While it is important to try to be a good person in life, worrying about some supposed place in the afterlife that you may go to, keeps your focus away from what’s around you. It’s the same thing with the end of the world stories. Finnish mythology does not have these kinds of stories. In fact, the Kalevala ends on a very positive note. If you have not read it; a young virgin maiden becomes pregnant after eating a lingonberry and gives birth to a son who casts Väinämöinen out of the land, and becomes the ruler instead. This being a reference to Christianity coming to Finland and the old ways removed from the land. However, the very end of the runo gives a hopeful message. Even though Väinämöinen is cast out of the land, he leaves his kantele for the people of Finland to enjoy, and mentions that he will be back when people need him again. From runo 50 in the version on Sacred Texts by John Martin Crawford:

Suns may rise and set in Suomi,
Rise and set for generations,
When the North will learn my teachings,
Will recall my wisdom-sayings,
Hungry for the true religion.
Then will Suomi need my coming,
Watch for me at dawn of morning,
That I may bring back the Sampo,
Bring anew the harp of joyance,
Bring again the golden moonlight,
Bring again the silver sunshine,
Peace and plenty to the Northland.

So, instead of waiting for an end of the world, we can wait for a new hope. We can wait for the old ways to be restored and for peace to come to the land; not some big battle or destruction.

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