Posted On December 29, 2011

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The other day was the solstice, and it was the first time in years that I had to celebrate it alone. I did a small ritual at my altar. At night, I sang a song to Kuu, and then in the morning, to Päivätär. I had inspiration to do so in the morning based on the temples and shrines near my house. I live on what I like to call ‘holy hill’, because there are about five shrines, six temples, and one Christian church all on the same hill. At the top is a tower of Buddha. Everyday at sunrise and sunset, I hear drums going off from either the temples or shrines. It’s faint, so I don’t get woken up by it, but it’s still easy to hear. I wanted to do the usual practice I did and stay up all night to greet Päivätär in the morning…but when you’re alone it’s not as easy to do that since you have no group to talk to, so I went to sleep at my normal time. It was a nice feeling though, especially when I sang the song to Kuu at night.

Talvennapa occurs on the 14th of January this year (or rather, the year that starts in three days). I think I will be at work when the sun goes down, so that’s a shame, but I will still go to the woods to sing the song of the Great Oak and mimic the cutting down of the oak tree. Perhaps I can do it on Holy Hill.